Transactional Analysis Organisations in the World

Transactional Analysis is widely represented nationally and internationally. Since the early days of its life, it has been exported and in various nations and there are many national organisations in numerous countries worldwide. We are truly part of a culturally diverse global community.

In UK, UKATA is the largest institute of TA professionals and we are linked to many other countries through the affiliation to the European organisation EATA. EATA promotes the knowledge and research on Transactional Analysis, encourages the development of its theory and ensures agreed standards of practice in the whole Europe.

There are other 34 associations affiliated with EATA in 29 countries, and an even larger number in the world are affiliated to another institution, the ITAA. ITAA is a nonprofit educational organization founded by Eric Berne, the originator of Transactional Analysis. ITAA produces the Transactional Analysis Journal (TAJ), which is a peer reviewed journal offering academic and research articles as well as book reviews all related to new theory and practice of contemporary Transactional Analysis.  You can read a sample copy here.

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