Life Scripts

Early on in childhood we start to make decisions about who we are and how we fit into the world around us. We write the basic plot in our early years, often before we can talk, and by the age of seven we are likely to have developed a fully formed life plan with a beginning ,middle and end. This script will continue to be revised and update throughout adolescence. 

As adults we are usually no longer aware of the script we have written for ourselves however these early beliefs colour our interactions with others in a way that may lead us to live out the story we wrote for ourselves.

Script analysis can play a major part in TA psychotherapy. Understanding and changing our life scripts can lead to positive and lasting change in all areas of our life.

Life script can also be a useful concept in the other fields of TA since our script affects our frame of reference, the attitude we bring to situations and tasks. If i begin a task expecting it to go well and expecting other people to be helpful then my behaviour will probably be different to someone who expects to fail, and expects others to be obstructive. In this way a level of insight into our script beliefs can help understand why we sometime act in ways which seems to be at odds with our desired outcome.


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