UKATA TA Diploma

The UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis is recognition of an individual successfully completing 360 hours of Transactional Analysis (TA) training within UKATA Registered Training Establishments (RTE) and completion of a period of practice and personal development.

Throughout the period of training, from start of training until the award, the individual will need to remain a member of UKATA and registered with an RTE in order that their overall journey to application for the award can be monitored. For those applying for the UKATA Diploma retrospectively, there is a grandparenting option.

The Diploma is intended as a UKATA endorsement to practice within the applicant’s chosen field of application (i.e. Psychotherapy, Counselling, Education, or Organisation). Presently, the UKATA Diploma is only available in the Psychotherapy field because there are no RTEs for other fields. It is intended that this system will be expanded to include training in organisational, educational and counselling fields when an RTE is established offering this.

A point to note is that the UKATA Diploma in Transactional Analysis is not an EATA qualification and therefore the EATA advertising requirements for students still apply.

All queries regarding the Diploma should be sent to the UKATA office for the attention of AAC (Assessment and Accreditation Committee).

Those obtaining their Diploma will be able to list themselves with ‘UKATA Diploma in TA Practice’ (Dip. TA Practice).  This award is not a formal TA qualification that is recognised in the worldwide TA community but training could be recognised by counselling bodies. It is recognition of work, training, practice & supervision and held in high regard within UKATA.

For more information, fees, application forms and FAQ please access the member’s area.

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