Member's Benefits

As a member of UKATA you will automatically:

  • Receive the electronic version of “The Transactional Analyst”, our quarterly magazine and the Chair’s monthly newsletter.
  • Receive reduced fees for UKATA events, such as national and regional conferences.
  • Be able to nominate, be nominated and vote for being on UKATA council at the AGM.
  • Access premium content in the members’ area, renew online, download forms and resources
  • Enjoy a free entry in the Practitioner’s Listings

In addition to this, you will belong to a lively, friendly institute committed to effective personal and professional relationships. You can receive advice on training and TA practice from UKATA committees and Council and as a Contractual Trainee, CTA, P/TSTA or TSTA you may be included in the UKATA Register of Practitioners provided certain criteria are met.

Have you ever wondered where your membership fees go?

The table and bar chart below shows just the UKATA fee (not including EATA fee) for each membership category, together with Council’s thoughts about the rough estimated value of member and subscriber benefits.


UKATA register

The UKATA Register is maintained on this website and allows anybody to view a list of trainees and qualified practitioners of therapy, coaching, consultancy, supervision and training, with a link to personal website/email and contact information.


UKATA provides an updated and monitored ethical code for members; manages complaints against supervisors and trainers in all fields and those practitioners who are not UKCP members; provides support for qualified psychotherapy members going through UKCP CCP* process and monitors sanctions imposed by UKCP.


The Committees support funding and research; ongoing development of member services, .e.g. preferential insurance rates for members etc.; increasing the visibility of TA throughout the UK using a range of media and promotion of TA in all its applications; exams committee staffing and improving ongoing exam process; funding of UK EATA delegate to represent UK interests in EATA; providing UKCP delegates to represent psychotherapy members’ interests in HIPC UKCP; organising working parties addressing specific members issues e.g. working with children and investigating options for interim qualifications and accreditation.

The UKATA committees form a community of interested parties steered by voluntary UKATA Council members with a clear strategy and prudent financial management.

Events Diary

Promotion in events diary on UKATA website.


UKATA and its members arrange a variety of conferences with preferential rates for members and options to present workshops; attend trainers meetings (CTA-Trainer/PTSTA/STA/ TTA/TSTA); attend written exam training; provision of exam supervisors; opportunity to participate in TSTA exams as supervisee or audience.

The Transactional Analyst Magazine

We publish a quarterly magazine (available electronically or in print for a small additional fee), including range of articles and preferential advertising rates and UKATA updates.

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