UKATA code of ethics provides advice on professional practice

The Code is intended to guide and inform both organisations and individual members of the UKATA in the ethical practice of Transactional Analysis.

The Code is relevant to all members of UKATA who use Transactional Analysis as a model for understanding and change with individuals, couples, groups or organisations and extends to the roles of supervisor and trainer.

The Code articulates the ethical principles needed to underlie ethical behaviour, and highlights the practitioner’s responsibilities towards self and others in exercising their practice.

In case of violation of ethical practice, guidance can be found in the Code and in the Complaint Procedure below.

UKATA Code of Ethics & Professional Practice.
The code of ethics which all UKATA members abide by.

View UKATA Code of Ethics & Professional Practice

UKATA Procedures for Handling Ethics Complaints.
The procedure for making a complaint and the processes by which it will be handled. See also the section Complaints.

View UKATA Procedures for Handling Ethics Complaints

The UKATA Code is informed by the guidance offered by the EATA Ethical Code. You can find it here.

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