The UKATA Council

The Council is the principal governing body of UKATA and exercises general control over the organisation and its affairs.

Council’s Members are elected at the AGM and are UKATA members who may belong to of any fields of application: Psychotherapy, Organisations, Counselling and Education. They contribute a wide range of experience and expertise and may represent any level of TA training.

All Council Members endeavour to establish good governance as they exercise their responsibilities in the interests of UKATA as a whole. They discuss issues, devise strategies, make decisions collegially, and are committed to UKATA, its members, and to its objectives.

Council collaborates with Committees to make things happen. There are various committees within UKATA, devoted to specific areas of governance.
The current Council is comprised of 5 members and meets regularly. In addition to the scheduled meetings they also form working groups and attend professional events on behalf of UKATA.


Rachael Curtis

Council Chair


John Renwick



Anita Webster



James Sweeney


David Gibbons for web

David Gibbons

Council Member


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