UKATA Committees

UKATA is an organisation which aims to serve its members. Council and various committees oversee and perform specific tasks in order to manage specific areas of governance.

The committees are groups consisting of UKATA members who may have a particular expertise or interest in the committee they represent. They come up with ideas, policies and procedures, and working together with Council, they aim to promote best practice within UKATA.

At present, UKATA has the following committees:

  • Accreditation and Assessment Committee (AAC): assesses accreditation and programmes of study leading to qualifications in TA practice (Psychotherapy, Counselling, Organisations and Education).
  • Conference Committee: organises the annual National TA Conference in the UK.
  • Diversity and Social Responsibility Committee: monitors the effectiveness of UKATA fairness and diversity strategies to all sections of the community.
  • Ethics and Professional Practice Committee: recommends ethical guidelines to be followed by UKATA members and Registered Training Establishments and advises on ethical issues and administers UKATA’s complaints procedures.
  • Exams Committee: organises and manages exams to for those working towards TA qualifications.
  • Finance Committee: Supervises UKATA’s budget and financial aspects of the organisation.
  • Member Services Committee: maintains UKATA membership benefits and works to introduce new benefits to members.
  • Organisational, Educational, Counselling and Psychotherapy (OECP) Committee: provides support and benefits to members belonging to all fields of application.
  • PR & Marketing Committee: communicates between UKATA and its members informing them of UKATA activities in the wider professional community and also to the general public.
  • Research Committee: supports members in applying research methods in their practice, making research material available to UKATA members
  • Safeguarding Committee: gives guidance to UKATA members with regard to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.
  • Scientific Committee: responsible for the selection of workshops proposals at the National TA Conference.
  • Training Standards Committee (TSC): devises and monitors standards of TA training across all the UK.

In addition, the TA Trainers Network represents an inclusive group of TA trainers, who actively discuss all aspects of training practice.

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